Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Oh Happy Day!

Project Hope Worldwide is so excited to announce that our first set of orphans have moved into Calo Me Lare! I think it is so neat that I got to meet each of these kids individually and I know them by name. I know their stories and where they came from. Things can only get better for them now! They now have hope for a great future and a new family with lots of brothers and sisters to play with and mommas to hug their necks!

You can see individual pictures of all the children and read their profiles on the Project Hope Worldwide facebook page here. And here are videos that Helmut shot of many of the orphans while we were in Uganda...

Continued donations to PHWW will fund the immediate construction of an administration building, five more homes for forty orphans and a school! Please go here to make a donation. Thank you for giving these kids hope for a new future!

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  1. Thank you trying to do good in the world we know this is a hard task! As many people is on the same page like you and us! we made a series of videos for volunteers and one of them is about orphanage, I'm sure you will find them very useful tool, so check it at if you have any question/comment contact us at or
    Thank you