Wednesday, February 9, 2011

General Costs to Travel to Lira, Uganda

* Passport and Book - $165 (You can learn more about how to obtain a passport and print off an application online here.)

* Shots - You can read about which shots you'll need on the CDC website here. I think I paid close to $300 and had to get them at the health department.

* Medicines - You'll need to take Malaria medicine before, during, and after your trip. You'll need to get this from your doctor - you can not get it from the health department. I took Malarone and had no side effects. It's supposed to be gentle on your stomach and you don't have to take it as long as the other options available. Several Malaria medicines have really bad side effects so do your research when choosing yours. My doctor also prescribed Cipro (for below-the-waist "issues") and Amoxicillin (for above-the-waist "issues"). It is also good to take medicine for diarrhea, constipation, sleep issues and head aches. My cost for medicine was probably close to $80 or so.

* Airfare - We paid about $1,400 roundtrip from Tulsa to Entebbe. Of course, air fare prices fluctuate often. My family back home enjoyed tracking my flight online. You can do so here and view an actual live simulation of your flight. Pretty cool ;-)

* Car Hire - You'll need to hire a driver with a car. Costs vary but you can view information on this topic here. If your driver is not driving safely, we learned you have to be upfront with them and tell them in a firm, but respectable, tone what you expect them to do or not do. Do not take the bus service. Not safe - enough said.

* Spending $ - Prices are much lower in Uganda than in the States. It's fun to shop at the market but I found the best place to buy gifts to take back home are the stores at the Entebbe airport. You can expect to pay a little more than at the market, but they are typically better quality and they have a great selection of items you'd be interested in.

* Hotel and Food - You can typically expect to pay about $30-40 p/night. We stayed at the Gracious Palace and 291 Suites while in Uganda. We ate most of our dinners at the Lillian Towers Hotel. You can expect to pay about $4-8 p/meal.

Adoko Rd, Lira, Uganda
Plot 8/10 Erute Road Dokolo Rd, Lira P.O.Box 350, Lira, Uganda+256 256473420024 
A 104, Lira, Uganda
Lira, Uganda
Lira, Uganda

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